LIT for Wesleyan

LIT for Wesleyan is a comprehensive, actionable, and - most importantly - relatable financial literacy platform for Wesleyan students.

Over the course of 70+ videos and countless resources, LIT will help you get your money mindset right and put smart systems in place so you can achieve even your wildest financial dreams.

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Tara Falcone, CFA, CFP®
Tara Falcone, CFA, CFP®

Hey there! I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, CFA® charterholder, former hedge fund analyst, Founder of ReisUP, and Creator of LIT™. My mission is to empower you to "rise up" and play a more active role in achieving your financial goals. With the proper knowledge and systems, you'll become financially free to live a fulfilling, purposeful life.

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